Scandinavian Signature Construction Company is a family owned venture....drawing on its heritage of Scandinavian craftsmen....known for fine finishing and custom quality woodworking. Founded in 1990 to fill a need for high quality homes, creative design, flexible floor plans, and pricing that can only be described by the words "exceptional value", growth has taken the Company from "build-to-your-plan", to the inclusion of a portfolio of homes created by the in-house design team.

Scandinavian Signature's lead management is formally trained and experienced in Civil and Construction Engineering...technically,...and in construction scheduling and office management,...administratively.  Additionally, it is complemented by highly  experienced field supervision, and employs its own crews of skilled workers and  craftsmen. In keeping with its

tradition of fine finishing and custom quality woodworking, The Company also has the ability to

create and produce furniture grade cabinetry and custom mouldings ... a key benefit to our clients when modifying or adding to existing cabinetry, or when adding a very special piece to be a focus point in the overall design. All of this results in making Scandinavian Signature Construction Company one of the few true "design and build" businesses in Northeast Ohio.

To fully utilize the Company's skills and resources, Scandinavian Signature not only designs and builds new high quality custom homes, but also maintains a strong presence in remodeling and renovation, .......specializing in custom designed additions, kitchens, baths, and finished basements

.......along with everything that goes with it.

"SSCC" it's often referred to ....continues to grow through the addition of new clients and friends, and it prides itself on having maintained its base of satisfied customers ....many of whom

have come back for new project help, time and time again.

Because of the training and experience of its people, Scandinavian Signature is also becoming increasingly known for its prowess in aesthetically pleasing, engineering based solutions to problems from which other contractors all too often have to walk away.

So, whether you're looking for a new home from the "Signature Estate" series .....have your own

ideas, and just need help with your plan ....or you need to "push-the-walls out" and remodel

....Scandinavian Signature Construction Company is the best choice you can make when you're looking for a construction team to partner your project.

Scandinavian Signature Construction Company .......where "good enough" never is!

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